Vehicle Relocation

For some, the best way to arrange your trip will be having your vehicle relocated to the other end of the track. Working with the Blackball Co-op, we have a small group of vetted drivers who can relocate your vehicle while you enjoy your Paparoa Track adventure.

To provide you with peace of mind at the Punakaiki end of the track, we have sourced private parking near the end of the track. The $10 we charge for this private parking goes directly to the land owners. This is part of our commitment to supporting the Punakaiki community.

Please note we require at least 72 hours notice for vehicle relocation bookings. Vehicles need to be in place by 12:30pm on day of relocation.

RELOCATIONPrice – for travel prior to 01/07/2022Price – 01/07/2022 to 30/06/2023
Blackball to Punakaiki$148$155
Smoke-ho Car park to Punakaiki$148$155
Greymouth to Punakaiki$148$155

The Paparoa Track begins at its southern end from Smoke-ho Car park. It is worth noting that Smoke-ho Car park is approximately 6km drive from Blackball township itself. When booking your vehicle relocation, please indicate whether you would like your relocation to be from Smoke-ho Car park (i.e. where the track begins) or from Blackball (i.e. the township nearest the track).

If you book a Greymouth to Punakaiki vehicle relocation, this includes free secure parking at our Greymouth Depot until the day you finish the track. Your vehicle will then be relocated to the private parking location in Punakaiki.

Once your booking has been confirmed, we will provide details for our lockbox pick up locations, and instructions about where you will find your vehicle after your trip on the track.

Paparoa Track Map

Rental Cars

If you have a rental vehicle, there are a few considerations that need to be made…

If you plan to use a rental vehicle and would like Paparoa Shuttles to relocate this while you are on the track, here are some tips to make this easier, and in fact, possible for a third party to drive your rental vehicle.
Teir one rental car companies are reluctant to let others drive their vehicles without sighting all nominated drivers licenses at the time of renting the vehicle. It is your responsibility to ensure our drivers will be able to drive the vehicle legally. Please advise your rental car company that you intend on using our relocation services, to ensure they are ok with this. It is also your responsibility to ensure that appropriate insurance cover is taken out at the time of renting your vehicle.
We have established relationships with a number of rental companies who are happy to work with us and will permit our drivers to relocate their vehicles, without us having to physically show up with our drivers’ licences for individual rentals. If you are considering a vehicle relocation and will be renting your vehicle, we suggest you book with one of the following companies.


Apex Car Rentals
Ph: 0800 500 660
Ph: 0800 472 144
Ph: 03 348 7516
Ph: 03 358 8129

Greymouth / Hokitika

Ph: 03 768 0960


Ph: 03 548 1681
If you have your own private vehicle, you will avoid the legal requirements we face with rental vehicle companies, although if you drive a company or fleet vehicle we recommend you check with your employer, or the vehicle owner, before booking your vehicle relocation with us.