Paparoa Track Profile

Map, ride profile, distances

The Paparoa Track profile is a 55km dual use trail connecting Blackball with Punakaiki. While track users can access from either end and chose their own speed, the track most logically rides from the Blackball end through to Punakaiki. This would involve a climb of some 800m onto the tops and a gradual undulating descent to Punakaiki. For some riders, this track will be a swift one day experience, for others a more modest two day/one night stay. Walkers are more likely to take two nights en route.

The Pike 29 Memorial track drops 10.8kms off the ridge tops down into the Pike River Mine and the memorial to the 29 miners who died in the explosion in 2010. This track can be either an in and out return to the tops, or an alternate start or finish to the Paparoa Track itself. The opening date for this track is still to be confirmed.