Booking Terms

Please ensure you read the following Booking Terms before making your booking. Full payment is required to secure a shuttle, vehicle relocation or bike rental. Payment is taken as confirmation of your acceptance of these conditions.


We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise whereby you may need to make a change or cancellation to your booking. It is our goal to work with our clients to help minimise any losses from all parties; yourself, us, as well as our accommodation providers and other partners that we may work with along the trail. We recommend travel insurance to protect you against cancellation in the event that you are unable to proceed with your booking.

Cancellation fees apply as follows for all shuttle, vehicle relocation and bike rental bookings:

  • Cancellation within 48hrs of first day of travel – 100% of ticket price will be charged
  • Cancellation 2 – 5 days before departure – 50% of ticket price will be charged
  • Cancellation more than 5 days before departure – 20% of ticket price will be charged
  • The on-line booking fee is non refundable

A more detailed cancellation policy may apply for any bookings that include accomodation or any other third party operators – full details of this will be sent with your booking documents.

‘No Questions’ Covid-19 Guarantee. Should your trip be impacted by a government imposed Covid-19 related travel restriction, we will happily work with you to postpone your trip to future dates or provide you with a full refund for your booking. Please Note: Our Covid-19 Guarantee only applies if you are directly affected by a “government imposed travel restriction” – If you are not directly affected by a travel restriction, our standard cancellation terms will apply.

Additional Terms and Conditions for Vehicle Relocations

Paparoa Shuttles use fully licensed drivers and will only accept liability for the insurance excess. No liability for mechanical problems and punctures, or stone chips to any glass will be accepted. The Customer confirms that the vehicle to be relocated has a current Warrant of Fitness and Registration, and is insured to be driven by a licensed person over 26 years of age other than the registered owner.

A Key Lock Box is supplied as part of the vehicle relocation to be used for key security. The customer will return the lock box as agreed on vehicle pickup. Failure to return the key lock box will result in a charge of $100.

Fuel: It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure the vehicle is left with enough fuel to complete the vehicle relocation, as well as any ongoing travel that the customer intends to complete after the relocation has occurred. It is recommended by Paparoa Shuttles that the vehicle has at least half a tank of fuel prior to the relocation taking place.

Rental Vehicles: Paparoa Shuttles has established relationships with a number of rental companies who are happy to work with us and will permit our drivers to relocate their vehicles, without having to physically present our drivers’ licences for individual rentals. If you are considering a vehicle relocation and will be renting your vehicle, we suggest you book with one of these companies.

If the vehicle to be relocated is on hire, the customer is required to advise the rental car company that they intend on using our relocation services, to ensure they are ok with this. It is also the hirers responsibility to ensure that appropriate insurance cover is taken out at the time of renting the vehicle.

Security: Paparoa Shuttles does not accept responsibility for vehicle security, other than when a vehicle is parked in our secure yard in Greymouth.

Postponement: Further to the cancellation fees outlined above, Paparoa Shuttles may permit the postponement of a vehicle relocation booking within the 48 hour non-refundable cancellation window. Any such postponement will incur a $50 per vehicle admin charge and is at the full discretion of Paparoa Shuttles. This admin charge is on top of any amount already paid for the existing vehicle relocation booking.

Booking Forms – Packages

To ensure your holiday is memorable, we are happy to work with you to put together a great experience to meet with your requirements.
In order to do this we ask you for some basic information, such as the number of people in your group, start and finish dates, do you want to hire bikes and the level of accommodation etc. Then we will put together a tour plan and quote for you. The trip coordinator (whoever we have contact with) will be emailed a tour plan and quote for confirmation.

On the West Coast there are a number of sites where accommodation is extremely limited or at certain times in high demand. Once a quote is provided, accommodation at key sites that we have “pencil booked” for you, is only held for 48 hours before being released in fairness to the provider. Therefore all quotes need to be responded to within 24hrs and no guarantees are made that alternative accommodation can be found, if no confirmation is received in time.

Changes To Bookings & Transfers

Any changes to package bookings once the deposit has been made will incur a $50 alteration fee, where current arrangements require alterations eg date of departure, or swapping a client name. However, if additional services, or increased group numbers are required on top of the current arrangements which aren’t changing, then no fee is payable.
Changes while a trip is “under development” do not incur a fee. There are no refunds for changes on the day.